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9 Feb 2022

Applications Of Image Processing In Feature Extraction Of Medical Images

Date : 9th Feb 2022

Time : 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM


Biomedical signal/image processing and the related imaging modalities are a very vast growing and upcoming field. Medical image processing encompasses the use and exploration of 3D image datasets of the human body, obtained most commonly from a Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner to diagnose pathologies or guide medical interventions such as surgical planning, or for research purposes. Application of image processing techniques has played a vital role in assisting the surgeons and physicians in diagnosing the diseases and performing the surgeries for the patients. Clinical medical devices have erupted through combination of hardware and image processing techniques which has a giant leap in medical field. Biomedical signals fetching, image formation, processing of image, and image display for medical/clinical diagnosis based on extracted features from the signal (1D), images (2D) and Video (3D). Image processing has proved its significance in medical analysis and health care. The imaging modalities play a vital role in acquisition of signals and images from human body which involves invasive and non-invasive methods.

Topics Covered in Webinar Includes:

  • Basics and fundamentals steps of Digital Image Processing.
  • Image Enhancement Techniques.
  • Image Segmentation Techniques.
  • Feature Extraction in Medical Images.
  • Applications of Image Processing.

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