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  • 18 Sep,2021

    Chairman’s Trophy 2021

    Chairman’s Trophy – Basketball tournament on 18th &19th September 2021, 10.00 am at ACS Engineering College ground

  • 18 Sep,2021

    World Bamboo Day – 2021

    World Bamboo Day is celebrated on September 18 every year, 2009 onwards, to increase awareness about bamboo around the globe. In India, many regions boast the use of bamboo in different ways, but most importantly in food.
  • 17 Sep,2021

    Happy Birthday to Prime Minister

    Wishing our honourable PM (SHRI NARENDRA MODI) a fabulous birthday

  • 17 Sep,2021

    World Patient Safety Day

    World Patient Safety Day, observed annually on 17 September, aims to raise global awareness about patient safety and call for solidarity and united action by all countries and international partners to reduce patient harm.

  • 16 Sep,2021

    World Ozone Day 2021

    World Ozone Day – September 16 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This designation had been made on December 19, 2000, in commemoration of the date, in 1987, on which nations signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

  • 15 Sep,2021

    National Engineers Day

    Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya’s birthday on September 15 is celebrated as Engineers’ Day

  • 15 Sep,2021

    International Day of Democracy

    The International Day of Democracy provides an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world.

  • 14 Sep,2021

    Hindi Diwas 2021

    Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14 September marking the declaration of Hindi language as official language of Union government of India.

  • 13 Sep,2021

    Needs Distribution Programme – Sugganahalli

    During the Covid awareness program conducted by Dept. of BME , ACSCE to Sugganahalli Kiriya Prathamika Shaale(Govt. School) on 13th September 2021

  • 8 Sep,2021

    International Literacy Day

    International Literacy Day (ILD) celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a