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One of the most distinctive characteristics of ACS College of Engineering is its close-knit and integrated residential community. Hostel is guaranteed for needy students, and approximately 300 people live on this large campus. It can be called as a perfect blend of academic and residential life. This residential experience is central to the institute’s educational programme, and offers its students a supportive and enriching environment, full of opportunities for personal growth. A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities is available to all students, faculty and staff. The quickest way to get involved in campus life is to become a part of the institute community, and to create one’s own community eventually. STUDENT LIFE We believe in personal growth of the students through a holistic approach which involves sports, art and leisure. We have a well equipped gym in our college and various other recreational facilities for sports, including swimming pool, tennis court, basketball and volleyball court, athletics tracks and a vast ground for playing sports such as football, cricket and hockey. We encourage students to participate in the contests and events arranged by Science Club as it infuses the interest for science and technology in them. We also have an Aeromodelling club, electronics club, aero planes, race cars designing club and special programs such as EPIC and ARMY.