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Bio Medical Engineering

Bio Medical Engineering

The Department of Bio medical Engineering affiliated to VTU is established in the year 2010 with an intake of 60. to promote the human health through education and research that bridges the gap between medicine and Bio-engineering. Our students will be leading force in the new era of medicine where skills of engineering play a vital role to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. Biomedical engineers design, installs, inspects, maintain, repair, calibrate the medical equipment’s and are employed in Healthcare domains, Hospitals and defense etc…

Quality Policy

Through continuous honing of skills we aim for Excellence in academics, research and also in extracurricular activities.


To impart quality education to equip students with knowledge and skill to excel in the field of biomedical engineering to shoulder out their professional responsibility towards the future and wellbeing of the society.


To adopt innovative teaching and learning methods to disseminate knowledge. To facilitate self learning, problem solving, Creative and software skills through practical exposure by internships To provide the state of the art technical ambience to foster research and development to serve the society by transforming students in to entrepreneurs, professionally ethical engineers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Our graduates are grounded in fundamentals that will serve them throughout their professional careers. They will have an understanding of human behavior, societal needs and the dynamics of human efforts and their effects on human health and that of our environment. With this underpinnings and abilities, we have defined several program educational objectives that we expect from our graduates in 3-5 years after graduation.
PEO1 Skill & Knowledge Prepare our graduates for continuing education and employment in biomedical engineering or related profession.
PEO2 Lifelong learning Prepare our graduates to demonstrate ethical attitude, professionalism, communication skills, ability to work in teams and adapt to changing trends by engaging in lifelong learning.
PEO3 Attitude Work in a technically competent manner to address the challenges in engineering or in their chosen profession taking into consideration of ethical and societal concerns.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’S)

PSO1: An ability to apply mathematical knowledge to design, develop and analyze biomedical problems and applications.
PSO2: Impart basic and advances biomedical knowledge needed for the student to excel as biomedical engineer with strong ethical and environmental concerns.


Bio Medical Engineering SAR

BME – Department Profile

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is established in the year 2010 to promote the Human health through Education and Research that bridges the gap between Medicine and Engineering. A Biomedical engineer is involved in designing, installing, inspecting, maintaining, repair, and calibrating the medical equipment’s and are employed in Healthcare domains, Hospitals and defense etc…  


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BME – Infrastructure

The department has the following state-of-the-art laboratories:
  1. Measurement and Biomedical Transducers lab
  2. Medical Image Processing Lab
  3. Biomedical Signal Processing lab
  4. Digital Design & HDL Lab
  5. Clinical Instrumentation Lab
  6. JAVA Programming Lab
  7. Embedded Controllers Lab
  8. Analog Electronics Circuits Lab
  9. Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition Circuits Lab
  10. ARM Processor Lab

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