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15 Feb 2018

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Date : February 15-17, 2018

Venue: ACSCE,Bengaluru


Student can register on or before 10th February,2018

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About the Programme:

Considering the objectives of the entrepreneurship awareness programme and the expectations of the participants, the programme contents, delivery and sequence was fine-tuned on the very first day of the programme. During the entire programme participative learning methods like, group work, simulation exercises, role-play, case discussions etc was extensively used in addition to informative lectures with audio-visual presentations. The participants were encouraged to challenge the concepts, ask questions and participate actively in the class-room interactions. The classroom learning was supplemented by well-compiled course material and handouts.

The Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was conducted at ACS College of Engineering, Bengaluru in seminar hall 2 for 3 days from 15th February to 17th February 2018, creates awareness among students about various facets of entrepreneurship while highlighting the merits of pursuing such a career option. In Entrepreneurship Awareness camp, about 90 students are exposed to different aspects of entrepreneurship, including opportunity guidance, services offered by agencies of support system etc.