14 Oct 2015

Three Days National Level Inter Collegiate Fest – Aeronautical Department

VAYURVYUHA is the annual inter-collegiate Aeronautical technical festival conducted in the ACS College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India. Etymologically, the word ‘VAYURVYUHA’ is composed of two words, ‘VAYU’ in Sanskrit which stands for ‘Air’ and ‘VYUHA’ in Sanskrit stands for ‘Formation’, hence; the word ‘VAYURVYUHA’ signifies AERIAL FORMATION. The year 2014, fueled by the immense desire of the students saw major growth in the technical activities of the Institute, which ultimately culminated in VAYURVYUHA 2015, the first major event as well as the first Aeronautical technical fest of the Institute. The maiden edition of the three day fest was a student-managed event held on 14th, 15th and 16th October 2015. The main objective is to provide collegiate students with a platform to showcase their scientific and engineering talents.

The festival features various competitions, Presentations and workshops. Despite being the First edition, VAYURVYUHA received an enormous response from across the country. More than 160 Students from 28 different engineering Colleges took part to the make the fest as a grand event. Participants were also from some of the most reputed colleges such as the IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS and from few foreign institutions too. This made headlines in TV9news, one of the leading new channel in the state, and to view the footage of fest telecasted in TV9news,

There were six events conducted which includes Technical paper presentation, quiz, CAD/CAM design, Glider contest, Water rocketry and Pencil Sketch. Prize money worth Rs. 25,000 was up for grabs.

Shri. S.Jeyabalan, Special officer, RR Group of institutions, inaugurated the fest at around 9.30 am on October 14. Mr.Kiran, Product Development Engineer, EDS Technologies, who was the chief guest at the Inauguration function, told the assembled gathering that he is very happy to see the manner in which ACS students has taken an initiative and organization of the events and is sure that the students will be able to take up challenging project work when they complete Their studies. The valedictory function commenced with a few words from Mr.Melvin Philip, Assistant Professor, Aeronautical Department, who was also the faculty coordinator of VAYURVYUHA 2015, thanked the student organizers and participants as well as the sponsors who had provided support in a big way.

A two day workshop on the DESIGN OF SPHERE DRONE that explained basics of drones was very popular with the students from various colleges. The Workshop was conducted in alliance with AEROTRIX, pioneer in RC Aircraft and Drone Modeling. Aerotrix also boasts of a tie up with BOEING, one of the leading aircraft manufacturer in the world, for the annual national level competition that is conducted by IITs, the premiere engineering institutes of the nation. The workshop also helped students in designing a complete model of a sphere drone in a span of just two days. The drones were then flown by the experts and finally students also enjoyed flying their drones.