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26 Feb 2020

Technical Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Resource Person : Mr.Elangovan

Date : 26th February 2020

Venue : Seminar Hall – 2

ORGANIZED BY : ACS College of Engineering

CO-ORDINATED BY : Dr. H. B. Bhuvaneswari, HOD, ECE

PARTICIPANTS : Students of all departments

Outcome of the Program :

Innovation and Entrepreneurship plays a major to establish Digital India. It was primarily focused on motivating students towards innovation and to encourage the upcoming graduates to become entrepreneurs.

Concept of what innovative ideas meant was beautifully explained by speaker. The speaker spoke about the self motivation which every entrepreneur must have. The talk primarily focused on the importance of having confidence to face the negative challenges and about the restlessness that one should come up with for implementing some simple innovative ideas. The speaker encouraged the audience to inculcate the qualities of identifying, adopting and also seeking solution for problems that is commonly faced by entrepreneurs.

Overall the session was informative to the students. The speaker motivated students to focus on innovations and mainly emphasized the importance of becoming an entrepreneur.