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3 Apr 2018

Seminar on Real life needs Real Education

Resource Person : Mr. Ravindra Karnad, Director, Prudent Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Date : 3rd March 2018

Time : 11:45 am to 12:45 pm/strong>

Venue : Seminar Hall 1

No. of Participants : 90 +9 (Students +Faculty)

Outcome of the Program :

The Seminar we had on 3rd April 2018 by Mr. Ravindra Karnad on an topic was very informative. Speaker was very clear in delivery of points on emotional quotient, and importance of education. He took various examples from his life experience to enlighten us. His efforts on building a bridge between our thoughts and corporates was excellent.

He mainly discussed about traditional IQ (1904), multiple intelligence (1983) in this further he discussed about spatial intelligence, bodily- kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, naturalist intelligence etc. Emotional intelligence (1995) in this he gave us information on interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. He explained about information and knowledge, build large on strong and deep foundation, environmental concern and EE solution for environment. The main focus of the talk is on areas mentioned below:

  • • Application of smart sensors
  • • DSP application in EE solution for environment
  • • About sequential learning
  • • Importance of basic subjects
  • • Difference between literacy and education

To conclude he compared education with literacy with very valid points. In total the talk was very creatively handled, with complete enlighten to students. He suggests studying 7 habits of highly effective people (author: Stephen R. Covey), Infinite Vision (author: Pavithra K. Metha and Suchithra Shenoy) and Emotional Intelligence books.

The seminar was very inspirational and knowledgeable.

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