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7 Sep 2020

Internship on Advanced Aerospace Materials at CSIR-NIIST

Resource Person : Dr.M Ravi

Date : 07.09.2020 to 01.10.2020

No. of Participants : 17 ASE Students

The Internship was attended on the title “Advanced Aerospace Materials” at CSIR-NIIST by the students to enrich the knowledge in the Aerospace Materials.

The Internship was started on 07.09.2020 and the resource person was Dr.M Ravi. The resource person handled an interactive session about the various materials used in the aerospace application. Also, given various case studies and assessments on different aspect to enrich the students knowledge.

The following were the students involved in the internship.

Student Name

1. Yukthashree H M
2. Sidhapara Mitul Mukesh Bhai
3. Sathya Moorthy K
4. Sarvesh J
5. Nithin B L
6. Mahendar B.S
7. Ashok Kumar M
8. Jijin P Savyar
9. Jiji C Joy
10. Jagadish J
11. Dhansingh Bhandari J
12. Chandu CP
13. Chandana M J
14. Arpitha M B
15. Abhirami K
16. Ajay Yalameli
17. Amrutha HR

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