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9 Nov 2020

Digital Transformation & its Impact in industries

Resource Person : Mr. Yash, Global Technical Marketing Leader, Aruba & HP Enterprise Company

Date : 9th November 2020

Co-Ordinated By : Dr. H.B.Bhuvaneswari,HOD,ECE

Faculty Incharge : Mr. Prajith Prakash Nair

Participants : 5th sem ECE students and staff

About the Program

The Webinar was conducted from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.The afternoon session was split into two halves with two different speakers. The first speaker was Mr.Yash N.N and he was introduced by Mrs.Bharathi Gururaj, Asst. professor in ECE department, ACSCE. Mr.Yash is a Global Technical Marketing leader in Aruba and H.P Enterprise Company. His role on TME team focuses on campus switching, network security, network management, network design reference architecture. Aruba Enterprise solution & Digital Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0 transformation .Prior to joining the TME team he was Aruba engineering section manager in the network test lab. He was responsible for leading qualification, flagship, switching product line, end-to-end to-multivendor solution across networking operating system. He received H.P President Quality award and Enterprise award .He worked for Cisco systems before Aruba.

The main goal of Mr.Yash’s speech was about the current scenario in digital transformation and its impact on our life all the way from industries 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and what’s going to be the future of industry 4.0.He gave lot of real time examples to understand the situation better. He gave a brief explanation on industrial revolution .The speaker talked about how the computer simulation which will change the future as it is more affordable and takes less time. Industries changes or modifies as it transit into new era. Mr.Yash explained about how the technologies are evolving with respect to industry 4.0.He showed statistical representation of the level of connectivity and how much progress is occurring in each countries compared to the countries that don’t have a high amount of connectivity. The impact of 3.0 is so strong that the devices like iphone,android,ipad,kindle,4G,oculus,uber,snapchat and many more came into existence after 2007.

The second spokesperson of the afternoon was Mr. Anish Pandari he was introduced by Mrs.Vijaya Dalawai ,Asst. professor, ECE, ACSCE .He is currently working in social proton as well as Director of Strategy and Product Development at Electrono solution private limited ,bangalore. He is an engineer and is market passionate about technology in day to day life. Previously, he was the global head of marketing for energy utilities, natural resources for engineering and construction division of WIPRO. He started his career at National Instruments and has served in many technical sales and product marketing roles ever since. He worked extensively with electronics, semiconductors, automobile, defence and aerospace industry. He is Alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and he has dual masters in marketing from All India Management Associations and Christ University.

Mr.Anish spoke about his role in electron solutions which focuses on mainly industry 4.0 and he talked about how Industry 4.0 can be applicable to academics sector. At the first he touched upon all the topics he was going to talk during the session.He started the session with a brief introduction about Industry 4.0.He introduced the various technologies of Industry 4.0 like :

  • 1.iiot platforms
  • 2.Big Data Analysis & Advanced Algorithms
  • 3.Advanced human-machine Interface
  • 4.Augmented Reality/Wearable
  • 5.Cloud computing
  • 6.Mobile devices.

He helped the participants to understand the ground reality and the challenges for implementing Industry 4.0 and how the company will help to bridge between shop floor to top floor with single window visibility which is one of the challenges.Mr.Anish then talked about the current scenario i.e. issues with innovation and quality, inability of academics to keep pace with the changing technology, Demand & supply gap, un-availability of holistic metric to measure skills and accessibility to technology. He concluded the session by talking about how they are trying to setup a platform where the students from different universities and colleges across India can access lab remotely and be able to do hands on workshops. Last 10 minutes he answered the doubts from the all participates.