The space has been known to be an unending sheet known as ether but here’s some news. NASA has discovered the outer boundary of our solar system and named it hydrogen wall. The NASA scientists has cleared the air on the findings which was not properly defined earlier. This boundary or hydrogen wall is said to be located at our solar systems edge where there are no solar winds or bubbles. This hydrogen wall is like allowing the solar winds to press inwards. The interstellar mass is very small here but not enough to allow the winds to pass through but not enough to bust the build-up of these solar winds.

The solar winds are nothing but jets of matter as well as energy thrown out by jets. Till some time back Scientists believed that the beyond pluto the solar winds merged with the milky way’s galactic energy but now they have a proof that the matter as well as energy that the solar winds carry is collected in some region that builds hydrogen wall. This regions is where interstellar matter and solar matter make a formation.

Hydrogen is a commonly found matter in space and even the sun is made of hydrogen wholly so and when it shines or burns releases energy and helium gas. NASA has already published the analysis after New Horizons gathered the proof of the same. The data was collected by New Horizons and analysed by NASA which led to this conclusion. Having said that, its not a final conclusion yet because there is a possibility that the hydrogen wall could actually be ultraviolet rays discovered by the Horizon and not a wall.

For the unaware New Horizons crossed Pluto in the year 2015 post its launch in January 2006.

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Our Solar System Has An Outer Boundary – NASA Discovers

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