As ISRO tries to make contact with Vikram Lander, NASA’s moon orbiter that flew by the moon has captured the images of the lunar region and the site where Vikram lander was scheduled for landing. As per an official of NASA, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter did click the images of the region and they are being processed. The deadline is also nearing and its looks almost impossible now that a connection could be established. Even the hopes for Pragyan Rover are fading as Pragyan was to work there for 14 days. ISRO notified that the temperature on this surface at night could go as low as minus 200 degrees Celsius.

The representative of NASA added that the team would be analyzing the images and comparing them to the earlier images of the region. The researcher also mentioned that as it was dusk when the orbiter passed the lunar region and hence a large part of the region would be under shadow. The analysis will involve comparing the new images with the old. As per him, it could be be in the shadow or outside the imaged area.

It was September 7, ISRO’s scheduled date for landing Vikram on the Lunar Surface but it lost communication with the lander just some time before the final descent. Though, the officers of the mentioned that the lander did not crash and is healthy and safe, only the communication is disrupted. Having said that if there is not communication till September 21, there is no hope after that.

Meanwhile NASA spokesperson confirmed that it would share the images of the landing site before and after the landing of the Lander for analysis to ISRO.

Well, even as the orbiter has adequate fuel left not for 1 year of orbiting but extending it to seven years, India’s dream to do a soft landing on moon is at halt at present.

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NASA’s Orbiter Clicks Pictures Of Vikram Landers Attempted Landing Site

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