The chairperson of ISRO – K Sivan has said recently that the manned mission to space is on schedule in December 2021. Even though the Vikram Lander project did not go as planned, Chandrayaan 2 is already working and will keep sending data for the next seven years from space. Sivan said that except for soft landing everything else went per plan. The target was to use India’s own rocket for the manned mission to space. The unmanned mission to space is scheduled for December 2020 and second one is July 2021 before the final manned mission project in December 2021.

The human spaceflight mission is known as Gaganyaan and ISRO is working on it. The space agency had already confirmed earlier that the rocket would be carrying three Indian Astronauts into space on a powerful rocket – the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) – MK-111. The same rocket was used for launching Chandrayaan – 2 as well and has been a success with its tasks.

At a gathering where he was addressing students he asked them take calculated risks and innovate. He said, “If you are not taking a chance, there is no chance of achieving anything significant in life. Take calculated risks. When you take calculated risks, you save yourself from problematic areas”.

He also gave the student example of Dr Kalam and his saying – your dream must not make you sleep. He advised the students to come out with original ideas and solutions and that observing great leaders is okay but emulating them is not. He also added that even when many think India of a poor country it is ranked first in the world when it comes to sending remote sensing satellites to space.

He also urged the IIT students to come forward and provide tangible solutions to bigger problems like poverty, water, hunger, health and sanitation as these lie at the root of the country.

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