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27 Jun 2020

Webinar on What makes an engineer successful?

Resource Person : Rupam Das Founder, CEO at Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd

Date : 27th June 2020

Time : 11.00 AM

Via : Zoom Meetings / YouTube

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What makes an engineer successful? on 27-June-2020

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CTDS Bangalore

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Passionate, Accountable and a Student for Life.

Acculi Labs (Accurate Life Intelligence) brings down complex pathology tests to the pocket of clinicians and patients by replacing complexity with the help of mathematics and algorithms.

Lyfas (A Product of Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd.) – is a Digital Biomarker/diagnostic/prognostic tool developed based on the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG). It detects blood volume changes and reflected light spectrum of blood chemistry in the microvascular bed of tissue. Gathers vital functional biomarkers and parameters like pulse rate variability (PRV) reflecting heart rate variability (HRV), cardiac dynamics, conduction and stress, autonomic nervous function, vascular function and ageing, lung function and oxygen saturation, physicochemical properties of the blood to name a few. Lyfas offers an opportunity for a continuous assessment of phenotypic / functional markers of health and illness, which is noninvasive, personalized and remote. It allows a low-cost and large population health assessment. Lyfas enable both the clinician and patient to collect a longitudinal data, retrospectively process the collected data to forecast possible critical or relevant medical situations. Therefore, it can be used as a risk and event prediction tool for life threatening conditions like heart attacks and strokes. As a participant tool in proactive healthcare system the physio-pathological and psycho-physiological data generated can predict the possible risk and onset of life threatening cardiometabolic and cerebrovascular events like heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, the cumulative data generated can reflect the natural history and progression of chronic metabolic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, endocrine and nervous dysfunctions, asymptomatic vital organ dysfunction and failures. Alerting and enabling the physician to work in partnership with the patient towards a supervised self-management of the illness, restore health and quality of life.

Disclaimer: The information in the posts no way constitutes, or should be construed as medical advice. Nor is the above article an endorsement of any research findings discussed in the article an endorsement for any of the source publications.

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