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15 May 2020

Webinar on Remote Learning for Academic Excellence

The Department of CSE, ACSCE organized Webinar for faculty members across the country on Remote Learning for Academic Excellence in association with IITB-ST during the Covid -19 lockdown period on 15-04-2020. The detailed report of FDP as follows.

Resource Person : Priyanka Shroff,Project Manager -IIT Bombay, Spoken Tutorials

Date : 15th May 2020

Time : 3.00-4.00 pm

About the Program

The Brochure along with Registration link sent to all colleges in Karnataka and other colleges across the country.

The Total Number of Registrations: 161 (attached Excel sheet)

The Total Number of Participants: 95

The faculty members from the following states (06 states) and Union Territory registered for FDP.

i. Karnataka
ii. Andhra Pradesh
iii. Jharkhand
iv. Puducherry
v. Tamil nadu
vi. Telangana

Registration Link

View Brochure