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27 Jun 2020

Webinar on Power Launching Your Career

Resource Person : Iniyan COO, ISERT Global Director for HR, Entrepreneur

Date : 27th June 2020

Time : 02.00 PM – 03.00 PM

Via : Zoom Meetings / YouTube

Activity Name

Power Launching Your Career on 27-June-2020

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CTDS Bangalore

About the Activity

Do you know what is the most under-utilized resource in this world?

It is the human potential.

My 20+ years work experience in the IT industry has given me tremendous exposure. But, i don’t think this alone qualifies me to start giving gyan on what people should or should not do in their life.

I believe, success in life has to have a balance.

Would you call a top-notch CEO or entrepreneur, who has screwed up his health or marriage to an irreversible point, as successful?

True success, according to me, has to reflect in all key aspects of life: Health, Finances, Relationships, Career, Social Standing and Spiritual (inner peace).

And, only a person who has achieved success in all these areas, should guide other people.

And this balance is even more important if you are an entrepreneur, or aspiring to be one. Irrespective of your line of business, you will have an impact on many people’s lives and their families, as a result of your entrepreneurial initiative.

So, i took up a personal challenge before i start “mentoring” anyone else.

I decided to put all that i have learnt through the ultimate test: building my own business!

• I might fail. It is better to try and fail than to regret that i never took a chance.

• I might risk losing a lot. If you don’t risk anything, you are actually risking everything.

• I know i will get scars from the ‘battle’. Getting wounded standing up for what you believe in, is better than falling for everything.

I was afraid. But I remember, my parents’ words: It is better to live for one day courageously, than to die every day as a coward.

I have been lucky to find the right kind of people, who guided me in my journey and lifted me up every time i fell down. I believe it is my turn to lend a helping hand to deserving people.

The mission of our two largest businesses is the same: helping people live a better life (one focuses on leadership/entrepreneurship development, the second one focuses on health and wellness).

With God’s blessings, we will reach our goal of helping 10,000 families be self-reliant before the end of this decade.

While we have big goals, I remember where i started from: a simple middle-class family, as a young boy, hoping to get a good job, just to earn enough to make a decent living.

It feels good to know what i am sharing is not just some theoretical gyan, but practical ideas that have been put to test.

The world is changing fast. This is the best time to stay open minded and make use of the emerging trends.

If you are ready, let’s connect.

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