13 Sep 2020

Webinar on Personality Management for Your Career

Resource Person : Ms. Apitha Bhat Founder & CEO, Invicta Learning

Date : 13th September 2020

Time : 11.00 AM

Via : Zoom Meetings / YouTube

Activity Name

Personality Management for Your Career

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CTDS Bangalore

About the Activity

This is a lecture / webinar activity presented by Ms. Apitha Bhat, Founder & CEO,Invicta Learning

About the Mentor:

39 years old with a Masters in Personnel Management, started as an employee with a Dutch Human Resource Staffing Organization, Randstad Holding. After a short and successful stint in Recruitment, moved into Industrial Relations and Training. Training and Organizational Development Interventions interested her and she shaped her career in the same field. She runs 2 firms in the same space of Learning and Organizational Development namely, Atheya and Invicta Learning.

Over the last 7 years one program has been in the calendar constantly, “Exploring Self”. These programs were designed and delivered to Organizations in Research &Development, IT, Analytics and HR Consulting. The program helps decode the personality of an Individual, explore their strengths, areas of improvement, career enhancing contributors and possible career paths and progress in career growth.Her programs have a fluidity within structure which allows individuals and groups to introspect, ask, confirm and define. Her programs have ‘head down’ time and ‘huddle’ time which is an essential to allow introspection and discussion.

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