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28 Dec 2020

Webinar on Gender issues in Education

Resource Person : Mr.Satish Hiremath Managing Director, Aerolance Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Date : 28th December 2020

Time : 4.00 PM to 05.00 PM

Target Participants : 74 Students and 15 faculties

Outcome of the Program :

The session was organized to create awareness to ACSCE students and faculties about the gender issues and how our education system undermines gender equality. The program was started at 04.00 PM with the welcome speech by Dr.Ramanan, HOD/Aeronautical. The resource person handled an interactive session about there is a huge gender gap in education around the globe which can be a result of many inter sectional identities. The most common explanations for this gender gap are poverty, geographic remoteness, violence, disabilities, lack of infrastructure, or belonging to a minority ethno-linguistic group. The data ranges in different regions with the highest rates of gender inequality in education in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East.

He also pointed that understanding the connection between gender inequality and the lack of education opportunities can improve more sustainable development outcomes. Gender inequality cripples a nation’s economy at the expense of women. Policies and gender roles affect a nation’s education system by either not having a safe space for young girls to learn or not letting them have the opportunity of a quality education. According to UNESCO, an average of 130 million girls between the age of 6 and 17 are out of school and 15 million girls of primary-school age will never enter a classroom. Finally the session ended with discussion and vote of thanks by Mr.Dhanyaprakash R Babu, Associate Professor, Aeronautical Engineering.

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