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16 Jun 2020

Webinar on Flow through variable area ducts and influence of Shockwaves

Resource Person : Mr Ramakrishna Madhira

Date : 16th June 2020

Time : 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

No. of Participants : 55 Students + 3 AS Staff

About the Webinar

The Webinar titled “Flow through variable area ducts and influence of Shockwaves” was organized to enrich the knowledge of Aerospace students to get exposure on influene of Shockwaves in variable area ducts.

The program was started at 11.00 AM with the welcome speech by HOD/AS and followed by introduction of the resource person Mr Ramakrishna Madhira by Mr. J Siva, Asst. Prof. ASE. The resource person handled an interactive session about the fundamentals of Shockwave. Also, he explains about the Shock wave propagation in a variable cross-section channel with the help of theoretical restrictions like,

  • (i) Shock equations applied on a C+,
  • (ii) Omission of the post-shock influence, and
  • (iii) Initial conditions at rest. It has been the focus of many studies aimed at generalizing it.

In between interaction with students and questionnaire to test the ability of students and the resource person motivated the students to enrich their skills through different case studies as it’s still beginning vast domain. The students were expressed that this program was highly useful to them to develop their career in aerospace field. Finally, the seminar was ended with vote of thanks by Mr. J. Siva Asst. Prof.

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