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12 Dec 2020

Webinar on Evolution of Flight Vehicle Control, Guidance and Sensors Since Second World war

Resource Person : Dr.Achintya Krishna Sarkar

Date : 12th December 2020

Time : 2.30 PM

No. of Participants : 75 ASE Students + 4 AS Staff

About the Webinar

The Webinar titled “Introduction to Advanced Electronics in Aviation” was organized to enrich the knowledge in the journey of aircraft control systems as they have evolved through various generations. The webinar has taken a closer look towards the future of flight control surfaces examining the most recent researches which anticipate a future aircraft achieving comparable if not improved efficiency but with no flight surfaces.

The program was started at 02.30 PM with the welcome speech by HOD/AS and followed by the introduction of the resource person Dr Achintya Krishna Sarkar by Mr Siva J, Asst. Prof. ASE. The resource person handled an interactive session about the Evolution of flight vehicle control. Also, he explains the following areas in flight vehicle controls.

  • The first generation of aircraft control systems – Mechanical,
  • The new era (second generation) of speed-breaking the sound barrier-Hydro mechanical,
  • The third generation of aircraft control systems-Power by ire,
  • The fourth generation of control systems-Fly-by-wire,

In between interaction with students and questionnaire to test the ability of students and the resource person motivated the students to enrich their skills through different case studies. Finally, the webinar was ended with a vote of thanks by HOD/AS.

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