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5 Jun 2021

Webinar on Campus to Corporate

Resource Person : Ms. Rajashree Rao Head of all innovation hub and parternership R2 data Labs, Rolls Royce India Pvt.Ltd.

Date : 5th June 2021

Participants : IV ECE, III ECE and II ECE Students

Outcome of the Program :

The webinar on “Campus to Corporate” was conducted by Ms.Rajashree Rao who is the Head of all innovation hub and parternership,R2 data Labs, Rolls Royce India Pvt.Ltd.

Ms Rajashree focused on the various problems related to job opportunities in IT sector as well as how students can adapt to the industry as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges every student goes through is the transition from college to corporate life. Suddenly while, there is a transition from assignments & mid-semesters to team work and deadlines. Corporate houses need employees that can be immediately employed and deploye. There is a huge demand and supply mismatch in quality manpower in terms of technical skills, communication, articulation and team work. Training college students to make them more employable is one of the key challenges for most of the companies in India.

Some of the most common improvement that students can do when entering the industry is follow a certain ettiqutes as follows

Personal Grooming & Etiquette

  • • Social Graces, Etiquette and Body language

o Making a Great First Impression:

  • ▪ How to present yourself to people
  • ▪ Greetings, Introductions
  • ▪ Developing Your Professional and Personal Image
  • ▪ Personal Hygiene
  • ▪ Polish interpersonal skills

o Etiquette of Dressing:

  • ▪ The do’s and don’ts in dressing
  • ▪ Understand various dress codes for different occasions
  • ▪ Clothes and Corporate Culture

o The Do’s and Don’ts in Conversation:

  • ▪ Enhance communication skills
  • ▪ Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • ▪ Rapport building Interpersonal Skills
  • • The Basics of Interpersonal Communication
  • ▪ Starting and sustaining conversations that are engaging
  • ▪ Handling conversations with the opposite sex
  • ▪ Acknowledging differences
  • ▪ Giving and receiving compliments
  • ▪ Coming across as a positive person
  • ▪ Avoiding bad conversational habits Campus to Corporate Training
  • • Displaying Courteousness and Thoughtfulness at the Workplace
  • ▪ Being thoughtful to colleagues regardless of position
  • ▪ Sticking to convictions as diplomatically as possible
  • ▪ Apologizing
  • ▪ Showing appreciation
  • ▪ Extending courtesy to guests, consultants, and new employees

From the above discussion we can easily identify the various ettiquets to be followed when a student enters the industry from an academic background. The webinar session was followed by a Q and A session where the students interacted with the speaker.

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