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28 Dec 2020

Webinar on Aspects of Biomedical Engineering

Resource Person : Ms.Ramya Motganhalli Ravikumar Biomedical Engineer from ACS College of Engineering Currently, pursuing Medical Photonics at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany

Date : 28th December 2020

Time : 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Venue :

About the Program :

  • 1. To talk to you about ‘Biomedical’.
  • 2. To give you a picture of what you can do during and after engineering.
  • 3. I have been in your shoes, if you wish to do this I want to tell you it is possible ☺
  • 4. Talk on necessary skill-sets and abilities!
  • 5. Give you a wider picture.
  • 6. Help you choose where you can go next.
  • 7. Help you get some answers.
  • 8. Hopefully, motivate you!


  •  What is biomedical engineering?
  •  Student life: india vs abroad!
  •  Student life: time management, skill set needed, other aspects.
  •  Are engineering subjects needed and relevant in the future?
  •  What after engineering?

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