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26 May 2020

Webinar on Artificial Intelligence – A Boon or A Bane

The Department of CSE, ACSCE organized Webinar for students across the country on ” Artificial Intelligence -A Boon or A Bane ” during the Covid -19 lockdown period on 26-05-2020. The detailed report of FDP as follows.

Resource Person : Mr. Akash Dalmia
Alumini of ACSCE batch 2012-16 CSE
Senior software Engineer
“General electric, global”,

Webinar co-coordinator : Mrs.Sunita chalageri, Assistant professor, CSE ACSCE
Mrs. Kavya G, Assistant professor, CSE ACSCE

Date : 26th May 2020

Time : 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Organized by : Department of CSE

The Total Number of Registrations : 475 (attached Excel sheet)

The Total Number of Participants : 210

Registration Link

About the Webinar

The session is stared with the welcome note by Mrs. Sunita Chalageri assistant professor CSE department she introduced our HOD, of CSE department Dr. V Mareeswari and welcomed all the participates for the webinar than our HOD introduced our session speaker Mr. Akash Dalmia Alumini of ACSCE batch 2012-16 CSE and currently working as senior software engineer in Oracle “General electric, global”, Bangalore the she handover the session to speaker

Mr. Akash Dalmia discussed about the following topics in the webinar.

Artificial Intelligence aka. AI is kind of technology that makes the devices smart as human beings

Requirement for AI
  • Humans cannot explain their expertise or reduce it to a rule set, or their explanation is incomplete and needs tuning (e.g. speech recognition)
  • Humans are expensive to train up (e.g. zip code recognition)
  • There are large amounts of data (e.g. discover astronomical objects)
Examples of AI

He discuss about hardware implementation in AI given some example how it has been implemented and Some of the software implementation example how it works and how it has been implemented

  • Ex: robots, satellites, air-condition ext…
  • Ex: Google maps, aarogya setu app ext..
  • A human child takes nine months to gestate, after which close to two or even three decades are typically needed before it can do productive work, depending on the type of work
  • Raising a child is expensive, costing on average between 216,000 and 252,000 dollars over 18 years in the United States (Lino 2010)
  • In contrast, a digital mind can be copied very quickly and doing so has no cost other than access to the hardware required and Digital Minds to run it.

The session was very interactive finally he concluded the session with question and answer from the participate side than Mrs. Kavya G Assistant professor CSE department concluded the session with the vote of thanks.

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