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14 Jun 2020

Webinar on AI & ML for Aerospace Engineering

Resource Person : Dr.U. Selvakumar N-Side, Senior Data Science Consultant, Noesis Solutions, ML Development Engineer, Belgium

Date : 14th June 2020

Time : 2.00PM to 3.00PM

Venue : Online Mode – Zoom

No. of Participants : 80 Students + 3 AS Staffs

About the Program

The Webinar titled “AI & ML for Aerospace Engineering” was organized by Aerospace department to help the students in gaining knowledge Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the field of Aerospace Engineering.

The program started at 02.00 PM with the welcome speech by HOD/AS and trailed by introduction of the key speaker Dr.U. Selvakumar by Mr. J. Siva, Asst. Prof. ASE. He has briefed about the various AI and ML techniques use for the aerospace engineering.

In between communication with students and questionnaire to test the ability of students, the resource person inspired the students to enrich their skills using personality development courses and interpersonal skills. The students expressed that this program was highly useful to them to develop their career in the field of AI and ML for aerospace engineering. Finally, the webinar was ended with vote of thanks by HOD/AS.

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