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11 Jul 2020

Webinar on 5S & Cell Design

Resource Person : Mr. S Lakshminarasimhan, Business Head, Whirlpool India

Date : 11th July 2020

Conducted By : CTDS

About the Activity:

This is a lecture / webinar activity presented by Mr. S Lakshminarasimhan, Business Head, Whirlpool India

About the Mentor: (from his LinkedIn bio)

“Having gone through lots of hardship in childhood, things started changing when I started working hard in my studies at 10th final board exam. I stood in Top 2 ranking in my school, which made me to realise, “If I work hard and pay the price, I can succeed in anything I do.”

With that strong mindset, I carried forward almost 3 decades in my profession, which has given an Identity, “Who is Who in the Top 50 Manufacturing and Leadership development talents in India”.

My passion and urge to explore more into leadership development has enabled me to shift into the Space of developing and guiding young minds”

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