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23 Mar 2016

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp on 23rd March 2016

We are pleased to inform that the NSS Unit of ACSCE is organizing the Voluntary Blood Donation Camp on 23rd March 2016 @ 9.00 AM onwards.

We request you to encourage your faculty and students to attend the Event.

About the Programme:

ACS College of Engineering conducted a BLOOD DONATION camp in the campus under National Service Scheme (NSS) in association with the Lion’s Club Bangalore- South, RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital, Rashtrotthana Blood Bank & Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospitals on 23.03.2016. The NSS unit planned and organized this event and to their surprise the response was huge. Many students voluntarily came up to donate the blood.

The Lion’s Club & RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital helped the organizers to conduct a camp as such in the college. NSS Programme Officer Prof. M. Shivakumar M.S said” We are happy to conduct such a drive in our college and we are quite surprised by the response of the students. We wish to conduct many such events in the college and also would make sure to conduct this camp every year in our college. Many checkups for blood pressure and other tests were conducted by the doctors.   We take the opportunity to thank Lions Club & RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital for their support and encouragement. “, says the organizers of the event.

Our Principal Dr. M.S.Murali, Vice Principal Prof. R.R.Elangovan made their gracious presence  in the camp which started at 9.30 a.m and went upto 2.00 p.m.

Refreshments were provided to the students who were part of the camp. The Volunteers took immense care to meet the requirements of students after donating the blood, so as to avoid any mishaps in the campus. Kevin Jacob Santhosh EEE-2nd Sem student said,” It feels great to participate in the event. I being a group donor (O+ve) felt the urge to donate the blood as it is required by many. Today accidents have increased and blood is very much in need for each and every hospital, we students don’t feel so much responsible to go to blood banks and donate the blood, therefore conducting such events in college would surely make us aware of our health as well as the need of blood in this world. The huge words and quotes on the posters had an impact on the students, attracted us and made us to donate the blood. The camp is organized in a much disciplined manner checking each and every aspect of our health. Would like to see such camps and many other such events happen in our college.”

Dr. Pradeepa S.M was present, inspecting every aspect of the camp throughout the day, all the students sincerely thank our Supervisor Mr. Dharmalingam helped us to conduct the event.

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