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24 Jan 2017

Technical Talk – Publishing Papers in Reputed Journals

The Department of ECE is organizing a technical talk “Publishing Papers in Reputed Journals”, by Dr. Senthil Kumaran, Professor, Department of CSE in DSP lab at 10:00 am on 24-01-2017.

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About the Programme:

A technical talk “Publishing Papers in Reputed Journals” by Dr. Senthil Kumaran, Professor, Department of CSE conducted on 24-01-2017

The talk emphasized the need to read and write research papers. The objective of reading is to understand the current technology, possible future improvements & conclusion to publish or patent.

Science basically works through publication and he stressed the need for mathematical modeling through collaborative research. Before publishing the paper we should make sure that plagiarism must be less than 20%. He also threw light on the different websites through which the relevant journals can be found. He advised researchers to register in research gate and publish papers in reputed journals. Speaker also mentioned the various indices like scopus index, h-index and also mentioned about doi. The talk was very helpful for all researchers.