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20 Feb 2020

Technical Talk on Application of Electronics in Automobile Industry

Resource Person : Mr. Vidyashankar M N, Head –Regional Sales, CADD Center Training Services Mr. Karthik Athreya, Technical Trainer, CADD Center Training Services

Date : 20th February 2020

Venue : Seminar Hall-II

ORGANIZED BY : Department of ECE

Outcome of the Program :

The talk started on the basics of Automation industry. They talked about the electric vehicle, Usage of electric vehicle , implementation of electric vehicle, advantages of electric vehicle over IC engine. The talk was based on the role of electronics in automobile industry. Though automobile engineers play an important role in this field, electronics engineer has various aspects to lead this project especially since the advent of electric vehicles. The main areas in which the ECE students could pursue their projects were also introduced during the speech. The speakers also gave a brief introduction about the companies with which they have collaborated with. They also explained the need of Electric Vehicle in India.

Overall the session was good. They motivated the audience to concentrate their attention towards the field of automation which currently provides infinite opportunities to ECE graduates. We were given the Information about the new technologies in the market were also discussed. It can be considered as the best basement to learn about the automation and also to start a project based on the topic.