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5 Mar 2020

Technical Seminar IOT and Embedded Systems

Resource Person : Mr.Rakesh Patil, M.D, Vidyumna Technolabs

Date : 05th March 2020

Venue : Seminar Hall – 1

ORGANIZED BY : Department of ECE

CO-ORDINATED BY : Dr. H. B. Bhuvaneswari, HOD, ECE

FACULTY INCHARGE : Mr. Prajith Nair, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

PARTICIPANTS : 60 students and faculty members of ECE

Outcome of the Program :

Electronics Professionals Interactive Committee conducted a Tech Talk on 5th march 2020, under the guidance and support of Hod of Electronics and communication Department along with Prof. Prajith on “INTRENET OF THINGS AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS” by Mr.Rakesh patel who has appreciable experience in this field of Internet of things.

He was very confident and clear about the topic. He started with a simple quote “A Training Experience From Academy to Industry”. In his talk Mr. Rakesh Patel emphasized the importance of Embedded Systems, its applications and the wide range of usage in this decade. Gateway devices, hardware devices that act as a ‘gate’ between two network. Edge node devices, provides the intelligence to sense, measure, interrupt and connect to an internet gateway to cloud.

He also covered some important aspects of what company expectations from graduates such as

  • 1. Basic communication skills
  • 2. Knowledge about the subject
  • 3. Skilfulness
  • 4. Build ability to solve problems

He also gave many interesting examples on embedded system which made the session more interesting. He also spoke about their institute “VIDYUMNA TechnoLabes” where they train students on these subjects. A top to bottom approach. Through understanding of the technology implementation. Course for working professionals and fresher.

Towards the end of the session, the speaker made an interactive session in which he asked the students what they felt about IoT and Embedded Systems. The students found the Tech talk very informative.

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