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31 Jul 2021

Talk on Kids Safety

Resource Person : Swathi S and Nidhishree, VI semester students,Dept of ECE

Date : 31st July 2021

No. of Participants : 17


Safety measures to be taken care by kidsin absence of parents.

  •  Child safety
  •  Home Safety
  •  Road Safety
  •  Personal Safety
  •  5 Golden Reminder
  •  The Red Cross First Aid App

BRIEF report :

The Child Safety week is celebrated on 14th – 20th November every year.Safety is the state of being “safe” , the condition of being protected from harm or other danger .Safety can also refer the control of recognised hazards in order to achieve acceptable level of risk.

Home Safety : Never use any electrical appliances if you are wet.

Road Safety : We should always cross the street walking through pedestrian crossing.

Personal Safety: We should never reveal our personal information to the strangers .Never accept any gifts/chocolates/any other kind of things from a stranger.

5 Golden Reminder: Be Honest , Be Responsible, Be Respectful of Others , Be kind ,Polite and caring ,Be a Good Listener.

The Red Cross First Aid App: The first aid app puts expert advice for common emergencies at your fingertips . This app can help SAVE LIVES, simple step by step instructions.

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