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21 Aug 2018

Seminar on Soft Skill development

Resource Person : Prof. Geetha V Sharma , Associate Dean, ICFAI Business School, Bangalore

Date : 21st August 2018

Time : 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM

Venue : Seminar Hall 1

Participants : Final Year ECE students & Staff

Outcome of the Program :

The seminar on “Soft Skill development” was delivered by Mrs. Geetha V. Sharma, Associate dean, ICFAI business school, Bangalore

Initially session started with the introduction to soft skills and its development. In this regard the speaker briefed about how the attitude of students should be when they are facing interviews, their body language, how to be professional and then a small activity was given to them.

Later, the session continued with how to build their CV, and its contents along with the photo inclusion. The students also thought about how to give self-introduction by picking up some five interesting things within us.

The session taught about the un-employability skills which went like,

  • 1. People skills: which deals with communication?
  • 2. Persuasion skills: which deals with convincing, influencing and many other abilities?
  • 3. Prioritization skills: which deals with teamwork.
  • 4. Problem solving and decision making: which deals with long and best solutions?

Then the guidance on higher studies what all homework needed, like aiming for the good institutes which helps in our career, skills development, passion growth and finally getting succeeded by the dreams we made. The seminar really made a huge positive impact with clear and more information about the corporate needs and deeds and how to successfully overcome.

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