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10 Apr 2018

Seminar on Modern Day Automobiles-Electro Mechatronics

Resource Person : Mr. Nisarg Nirmal Kumar, Co-founder, SKILLFINITY TECHNOLOGIES, Bangalore

Date : 10th April 2018

Time : 11:45 am to 12:45 pm/strong>

Venue : Seminar Hall 1

No. of Participants : 90 +9 (Students +Faculty)

Outcome of the Program :

The technical talk we had on 10th April 2018 by Mr. Nisarg Nirmal Kumar on a topic was very informative.

Modern automobiles are not just mechanical machines guzzling fuel but are complex ELECTROMECHATRONIC systems with increased efficiency and intelligence. Today’s automobiles are controlled by Electronic Control Units or simply called ECUs. These ECUs are microcontrollers, programmed to control the activities of engine, body, transmission, infotainment etc. of the vehicle. Gone are the days when only mechanical engineers worked in automotive industry.

Today’s automotive industry requires not only mechanical, but electronics and software engineers. In India and abroad there has been an upward trend in the automotive industry and this has created huge demand for electronics and software engineers to work on embedded systems. With advancements in Electro mobility, the world is moving towards efficient and intelligent vehicles. This has given rise to huge job opportunities to electronics and software engineers.

This tech talk will introduce the modern-day vehicles and features to the audience, discuss about different technologies used. How electronics and software are making transportation more efficient, safer and luxurious. The talk will further guide the students in the career opportunities (electronics, software and embedded systems) in the automotive and IoT sector. Skills required in the industry. Topics covered in the tech talk are:

  • a. Overview of automotive domain.
  • b. The role of electronics and software in automobiles.
  • c. Modern features of automobiles and how technology has made all that possible.
  • d. Infotainment in automotive.
  • e. Automotive IoT (Internet of Vehicles).
  • f. Use cases of Internet of Vehicles.
  • g. A glimpse of “Future IoT world”.

The talk was very inspirational and knowledgeable.

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