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3 Oct 2019

Seminar on AI and its Application in Industries

Resource Person : .Mohan, Technical Head, DigiShark Technologies, Bengaluru

Date : 3rd October 2019

Time : 10:45 AM

Venue : Seminar Hall 1

No. of Participants : ECE students (90) + Faculty (04)

Outcome of the Program :

The Seminar started with the welcoming of members from DigiShark Technologies, Bangalore. The resource faculty from DigiShark Technologies, Mr.Mohan, started the talk with a brief introduction about the DigiShark Technologies.

The seminar was based on the advancements made in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The seminar discussion could be broadly classified into three parts:

  • • Embedded Systems
  • • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • • Application of AI in Industries

The seminar started with a brief introduction about embedded systems. The attendees were introduced to the various concepts of embedded systems and its application in real time scenarios. An introduction to embedded C language was also given where the advantages of studying this language were explicitly mentioned by the speaker. A video on the various embedded systems used in industries was shown. Industrial embedded systems such as HVAC and aerospace avionic equipments were also discussed. The advantages of using PLC which help the control systems to communicate with the various input output systems were stated. The ability to centralise and automate the industrial equipments due to introduction of embedded c and PLC were also shown to the students.

The second half of the seminar was based on the emergence of artificial intelligence.the speaker introduced the basic concept of AI and the application of neural networks in AI.The introduction included the various types of neural networks such as

  • Feed Forward Neural Networks
  • Back Propagation Neural Network
  • Probabilistic Neural Network
  • Complex Valued Neural Network

The speaker also introduced the various applications of these neural networks such as in Image Processing,Cognitive Analysis etc.

The last part of the seminar session dealt with the role of AI in industries.The application of artificial intelligence in industries is basically done via the industrial embedded systems. The discussion pointed out basic idea for implementation of AI in industries such as productivity improvement and value creation. The basic advantages of using AI such as reliability, safety and effective production were discussed. Various business models such as Predix by General Electric were discussed. The main differences of between industrial AI and Business AI as shown below were discussed.




Primary Domain



Use cases

Marketing and Sales

Customer Service


Predictive Maintenance

Factory Automation

Quality Control

Data sources

Enterprise Transactions

Business Metrics

User Interaction

Enterprise Data Sources

SCADA Systems

IoT Sensors

Delivery Model





Industrial Robots

Intelligent Systems

The various challenges faced during the implementation of the AI such as raw data acquisition, training challenges, test cost and complexity were also discussed. The students were shown a video on various AI applications in industries. The session ended with a question and answer segment where the students raised various questions about the application of AI in industries.

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