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3 Oct 2020

RFID in Internet of Things

Resource Person : Mr. Sambandham J Director, Infotest IT Services

Date : 3rd October 2020

Time : 2:00 PM

About the Activity :

This is a lecture / webinar activity presented by Mr. Sambandham J, Director, Infotest IT Services

About Infotest IT Services :

INFOTEST LAB is a leading global Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process Automation Company. We harness the power of Intelligence Automation, Cognitive computing, Cloud, Digital Quality Assurance, IoT Products, Analytics and Emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the Digitalization of their Business solutions and make them successful. Our Value as a Service (VaaS) strive innovative solutions and a flexible engagement approach significance our customers stay ahead of the curve, drive revenues, and enhance market position.

Video Link of the Activity:

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