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8 Mar 2023

Report for UR Rao Satellite Centre (ISRO) Visit

Name of the Event: UR Rao Satellite Centre (ISRO) Visit
Resource Person: UR Rao Satellite Centre Faculty
Date & Time: 08-03-2023
Time: 1.30 PM to 04.00 PM
Venue: UR Rao Satellite Centre, Bangalore.
No. of Participants: 35 (AS/AE), VIII Semester Students + Two AS Staffs
About the Visit:

Students visited UR Rao Satellite Centre (ISRO) and got an exposure to see the present Indian Space Research Organization achievements. The visit started at 1.30 PM.

Students got the Exposure on:
  1. Satellite Assembly in the clean room
  2. Different kind of Satellites
  3. Antennas
  4. Launch Vehicle Models
  5. Various Subsystems of Rockets and Spacecraft
  6. Museum
  7. Video on Chandrayaan Launch
  8. History of Indian Space Programme

In the visit, students had a visual exposure about different kinds of satellites and various parts. During the visit the UR Rao Satellite Centre Faculty has given the demonstration about Satellite subsystems, Antennas, Launch Vehicles, On board systems, Propellant Tanks and Satellite Assembly in clean room. The students were expressed that this program was highly useful to them to understand the journey of Indian Space Programme and as well as to gain the knowledge on Satellite sub-systems. The visit finished by 4.00pm after taking the opinion and feedback from students.

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