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15 Mar 2023

Report for IIA Gauribidanur Observatory Visit

Name of the Event: IIA Gauribidanur Observatory Visit
Resource Person: Gauribidanur Observatory Faculty Members
Date: 15-03-2023
Time: 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM
Venue: Gauribidanur Observatory, Karnataka 561208
No. of Participants: 40 (AS/AE), IV, VI and VIII Sem Students + Three AS Dept. Staffs

About the Visit:

The Gauribidanur Radio Observatory is a radio telescope observatory located at  Gauribidanur , near  Bengaluru . It is operated jointly by  Raman Research Institute  and the  Indian Institute of Astrophysics . The observatory has been in operation since 1976. ACSCE Students visited IIA Gauribidanur Observatory and got an exposure to see the present measurement techniques used for measuring Sun’s and other planets radiation emission. The visit started at 10.00 AM.

Students got the Exposure on
  1. Antenna Used for Measuring Sun’s activity
  2. Antenna Arrays
  3. Algorithms used
  4. Sun’s Nature
  5. Calculation of Frequency and wavelength and antenna characteristics
  6. Different types of antennas
  7. Solar cycle
  8. Sun’s layers
  9. Frequency analysis
  10. Network Synthesizer

In the visit, students had a visual exposure about different dipole antennas used for measuring sun’s and other planets activity. The frequency range starts from 30 to 150 MHz. During the visit the IIA Faculty has given the demonstration about Antennas, filters, amplifiers, algorithms used for measuring the solar flare and CME. The students were expressed that this program was highly useful to them to understand the journey of Indian Astronomy and Astrophysics and as well as to gain the knowledge on several systems used for radiation measurement. The visit finished by 2.00pm after taking the opinion and feedback from students.

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