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16 Oct 2017

NSS – Rally & Awareness Programme on “Say No to Crackers”

We the NSS & Biomedical Department of ACSCE Organized a Rally & awareness programme on “Say No to Crackers” in and around kengeri upanagar on October .17. 2017. We obtained Police inspector & traffic police permission for the conduction of Rally from Kengeri police station on 16/10/2017.

Sl .No. Time Event Faculty coordinator
1 11:45 AM Wrist bands are provided to maintain uniformity among students of ACSCE.
2. 12:00 AM Instructions were given to students to maintain discipline & to follow the rules & regulations
2. 12:30PM 4:00PM
  • Rally with posters, slogan & charts.
  • Skit performances by the Biomedical Students.
Dr. Anitha S Mrs. Vamshadeepa Mr. Naveen T S Mr. Hemanth Kumar G

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