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12 Feb 2020

Radiation Effects caused due to Mobile towers/cell phones

Resource Person : Dr.H.B.Bhuvaneswari,Professor and Head, Dept of ECE,ACSCE, Bangalore

Date : 12th February 2020

Participants : (30+30)two sections Government PU College ,Malleshwarum,Bangalore.

An academician and administrator with 23+ years of teaching experience in the field of Engineering. Her areas of research work include VLSI Technology, Solar cells, Patch antennas and thin film technology. Received research guidance for M.Tech.andPh.D from Dr.G.MohanRao and Dr.K.J.Vinoy, Professor ,I.I.S.c , Bangalore respectively. Published more than 45 papers in both National /International journals and conferences. Received Best Recognition Award” for Outstanding Contribution as a Technical Mentor towards Research Publication, Karnataka State Inter Collegiate VLSI Design contest in 2012, “Best Mentorship award” from RV-VLSI Design Center for two consecutive year 2011 and 2012.

Worked as “Board of Examiners”for Department of Electronics at Bangalore University for the year 2019-20, for department of Electronics and Communication Engg at VTU for the year 2017-18.Was appointed as the “Member of the Local Inquiry Committee”by Honorable Vice Chancellor of VTU, Belagavi for the academic year 2018-19. Was member for confidential work at Karnataka Examination Authority, Malleswaram, Bangalore on the 22/5/2017 and 23/5/2017 which was assigned by VTU, Belagavi. Was also one of the “Observers”at Dayananda Sagar College of Engg” on 6th May, 2012 for COMED-K Examination 2012.


All students are exposed to microwaves radiations round the clock without know their efforts. To educate the students in this pandemic, an initiate was taken form dept of ECE to inform them the side effects of exposing the body due to micro waves for either short durations/ long durations.

Points discussed:
  • Role of Microwave in EM spectrum.
  • Effects Of Radiation on Eye, Eyes, Ear, Brain
  • Damage on DNA
  • Tips To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure
  • Impact of E-Waste In Human Body
  • Effect on Birds
  • Easy Ways to Reduce your Exposure To EM.
  • Simple Precautions to be taken.

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