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13 Sep 2021

Needs Distribution Programme – Sugganahalli

During the Covid awareness program conducted by Dept. of BME , ACSCE to Sugganahalli Kiriya Prathamika Shaale(Govt. School) on 1st September 2021, It was observed the need of the children for footwear and stationeries. When approached the school regarding the same the teachers were kind enough to provide us the foot sizes of the children as tabulated below.

  • • With reference to the given sizes foot wears were Purchased.
  • • Along with this essential stationeries were purchased.
  • • Later, Needs distribution event was planned and scheduled on 13th Sept. 2021

Reached the Venue at 10:00 AM on 13/9/2021, Wednesday

The Govt. school children were addressed on cleanliness, health and hygiene then distributed the foot wears

Followed by, stationeries were distributed.

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