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7 Nov 2019

National Aerospace Laboratories Visit

Date : 07th November 2019

Time : 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Venue : NAL, Bangalore

No. of Participants : 30(ASE) & 30(AE) ,V Semester Students + 3 Staffs

About the Visit :

Students visited CSIR- NAL and got an exposure to see present Indian achievements in the aircraft design, manufacturing and testing. The visit started at 10.30AM and the students have seen the trisonic wind tunnel, acoustic test facility and Hansa aircraft. The wind tunnel models have given them an idea on wind tunnel testing.

Got the Exposure on

  • 2 feet trisonic blow down wind tunnel
  • Acoustic test facility with sound horns
  • Hansa Aircraft

In the visit students had a visual exposure about the wind tunnel and their sub systems. During the visit the students interacted with the scientists about the construction and working principle of wind tunnel, testing of satellites, rockets and missiles in acoustic test faculty and construction of Hansa aircraft. The students were expressed that this program was highly useful to them to understand the journey of Indian aviation and as well as to gain the knowledge on aircraft sub-systems. The visit finished by 1.30 pm after taking the opinion and feedback from students.

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