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4 Mar 2020


Date : 04th March 2020

Department of mathematics conducted the following two activities

i. “Hunky Brains”-Math quiz

ii. “Tech Intellect”- Power point presentation on Application of Mathematics in Engineering

Hunky Brains-Math quiz was held on 4th March 2020 at 5th floor seminar hall. 110 groups (group of Two) of participants of all branches and of all semesters participated in prelims. Among 110 groups 17 groups were selected for quiz contest. Five rounds were conducted to select the five finalists. The last two rounds of the contest was for the winners.

The following were the winners of quiz
1st Place: Abhilash and Shashidhar ( Ist year E)
2nd Place: Preethi and Muddamma (Ist year C)
3rd Place: Joyel and Vishnu Prasad (3rd Year AE)

The Highlight of this event is the students of 3rd year AE had organized this event.

Tech Intellect : The topic of the PPT was application of mathematics in engineering. 14 groups had participated in the event. The participants were from first year to third year students of all branches . The students PPT was really good , the contents and the applications chosen was of current problems in real life like traffic jams, medical applications , cryptography etc.,

The winners of the event are
1st Place: Jeevan and Akhila (3rd year ME)
2nd Place: i) Ashok and Jagadish (3rd Year AS) ii) Rudrapratap singh and Vatsal ( 3rd year CSE)
3rd Place: Syamili and Rakshitha (2nd year CSE-B)

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