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27 Mar 2019

Industrial Visit to HAL Museum

About the Programme:

The students of IV SEM were taken to HAL Museum for Industrial visit on 27.03.2019 that is on Wednesday as a part of Industry interaction to students along with two faculty members. The students assembled in the college at 8:30 am in their class. As the bus arrived at 8:45 am the students boarded the bus and started from college and reached HAL Museum at 10:30am. Tickets collected for all students by paying amount of Rs 50 per head. Next all the students entered the Museum and started to visit all places inside the Museum.

There are two major halls, one displaying the photographs that chart the growth of aviation in each decade from 1940 till date and a Hall of Fame that takes the visitors on an exciting journey through the Heritage of Aerospace & Aviation Industry in India. The second Hall highlights the various functions of an Aero Engine by displaying motorized cross sections of various models of Aero Engines. Real Engines such as Garret (for Dornier Aircraft), Adour (for Jaguar Aircraft) and Orpheus (for Kiran Aircraft) can be seen here along with Ejection Seat with Parachute; and Pushpak & Basant Aircraft.

Outdoor display of Aircraft such as MARUT, MIG-21, HT-2, KIRAN, CANBERRA, AJEET, LAKSHYA (Pilotless Target Aircraft) & many more, will excite aerospace lovers of all ages – kids, students and adults.

A Unique exhibit is the ATC Radar parched with L Band surveillance Radar having a range of 200 nautical miles which rotates at speed of 3-4 RPM, with the frequency of 1250-1350 MHZ and Meteorological Radar. In addition, PSLV model & PSLV Heat shield are displayed to give a glimpse of forays made by the country in space technology. For the academically inclined, a Library on Aerospace provides opportunity to trace the exciting development of the industry since the 1940s. While the Museums’ prized possessions include various types of Aircraft models on static display, the availability of Audio-Video facility and display of Tran slides enhances the experience immeasurably. Taking ones experience a notch above are the true-motion simulators that puts oneself in the pilot’s seat, offering a thrilling ride. It is where visitors of all ages can explore and imagine what it would be like to soar through the skies and have realistic feel of flying fighter jets & commercial aircraft.

The Museum has an excellently landscaped exterior with an exclusive Rose Garden, Orchidarium and Herbal Garden with several exotic varieties. A sustainability park displays working models of solar power systems, biogas plant and hybrid windmills to educate visitors and students on alternate energy sources which help conserve natural resources and preserve the environment. The Museum is open to public from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days throughout the year.

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