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9 Apr 2019

Industrial Visit – RED HAT

Date : 09th April 2019

Venue : RED HAT conference room

No. of Participants : 6th sem CSE students(45)+staff(3)

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About the Programme:

Our institute had arranged a industrial visit to “RED HAT” and the college buses were arranged to take the students to the company. We left the campus at 9:00 and reached at 10:00.
They welcomed us with a warm welcome and asked a brief about our knowledge about their company. After the brief talk we were seated in the company conference room and Mr. Sunil took on with the tech talk and was very friendly. He had been working from 15 years in the company, the learning space. He took us on a tour that took place in the company, they are the leading partners of UNIX and cloud development and solutions. They give solutions with AWS solutions and Microsoft Azure. They are basically providing consultation,staffing and trainings.
They give solutions in each phase:
IAAS(Infrastructure as a service):redhat openstack,etc
SAAS(Software as a service):redhat openshift,etc
PAAS(Platform as a service):AWS,Azure,etc
They have developed ANSIBLE, JUNKINS,etc
Next they introduced Chandu, who carried on the tech talk for the next half an hour. He spoke about the problems they have solved for the clients and he gave a brief scenario about a problem and asked our briefs or solutions which we could think off. It was a nice and short brainstorming session. It ended soon and the tech talk was then taken by a personal from “RED HAT”.
We exchanged introductions and Mr. Aneesh P V introduced himself as he had been working in the same field since 25 years and he is so proud to be a part of the 1st provider of open source platform. He took us on a small tour of his life how he struggled through his college life and at a small age how he was incorporated in all the cells that were happening at their college. He was a librarian , a lab assistant till how he became a person to start off projects and work on them at such a small age. He gave knowledge to us about the present industry needs and the need for certification courses and how “RED HAT” is a leading partner with all the upcoming technologies.
Finally, we concluded the tech talk with an positive note and were greeted nicely and bid adious and we boarded the bus and returned back to college.