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14 Aug 2018

Industrial visit – Government Tool Room & Training Centre

Date : 14th August 2018

Organized by : Department of Mechanical

About the Programme:

A complete report on industrial visit organized by ACS college of Engineering , for the students of Mechanical Engineering [3rd SEM] in order to get the practical knowledge about “advanced technology used in manufacture of sophisticated moulds, dies and tools” carried out by Government tool room & training center [GTTC} .


ACS college of Engineering had organized an industrial visit on 14 August , 2018 to GTTC located in Rajajinagar industrial Estate for the students of Mechanical Engineering.
The visit was organized by HOD of Mechanical engineering branch Prof. Siddesha H. S.
Prof. Rakesh S. & Prof. Bapu Gowda C. M. were the co-ordinators Faculty for the industrial visit.
We started travelling from the college campus at 10:30 am via our college bus. Totally 26 students along with 2 coordinators faculty were there in the journey.

  • This Industrial visit is very helpful in our future practical Life & bring a positive change in our thinking & practical behavior regarding Education & specializing our technical skills.
  • Got practical knowledge about the advancement in technology of machines.
  • Use of programming in field of Mechanical engineering.
  • Precise cutting and surface finishing of the jobs.
  • Information on different parts & use of CNC machines with multiple cutting tools.
  • Making of plastic objects using “Injecting technology“ of plastic .
  • Different types of machines available for tool & die making
  • Management of manpower and machines.
  • Different courses offered by training section
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