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20 Sep 2016

Industrial Visit – Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)

Date & Time : 20.09.2016 & 09:00 am

Industry visited : Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore

An industrial visit to Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) located at Bangalore has been organized for the benefit of 5th and 7th semester students. Students were taken to various departments of CPRI and given knowledge about the testing equipments and shown some testing demonstration.

Students visited measuring instruments testing division and observed heat run test (Temperature rise test) and the students were also shown bus bars, transformer protecting devices, monitoring of temperature rise. Later the students were taken to short circuit test division where there was a live demonstration of short circuit test on vacuum circuit breaker and explained short circuit curve, how it is recorded. Students visited the High voltage lab where they were shown impulse generator, cascading of transformer to generate high AC voltages, wet and dry testing equipments and demonstrated flashover test on transmission line bushing. Students also visited High Power lab and shown the control room, simulation. They were shown testing area of high power equipments, capacitor banks and inductor banks and some videos related to high power testing. Students interacted with the staffs at CPRI.

The students were accompanied by Prof. H L Dinakar and Mrs. Vibha Shetty, Asst. Prof, EEE department.

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