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29 Feb 2020

IISC Open Day

Date : 29th February 2020

Venue : IISC

CO-ORDINATED BY : Dr. H. B. Bhuvaneswari, HOD, ECE

FACULTY INCHARGE : Mrs. Bharathi Gururaj, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

PARTICIPANTS : 30 students of VII Semester ECE

Outcome of the Program :

IISC Open Day 2020 is organized to showcase research in the Institute and to communicate important concepts in science and Engineering to the general public. Its origins can be traced to a report of a review committee, which met on 22 September 1956. The report suggested that “the Institute should have an open week before the annual meeting of the court, during which the Institute may be visited both by members of the Court and the general public”.

The Electrical and Electronics division in IISC has the following departments:

  • Signal Processing
  • Communication
  • Photonics
  • Information Theory
  • Networks
  • IoT
  • Speech
  • Audio
  • Image Processing.

The ECE Department is recognized by UGC as a Centre for Advanced Studies and has a rich heritage and a strong reputation for R&D activities of internationally acclaimed standards, predominantly in the areas of Communications, Signal Processing, Microelectronics and RF/Photonics Students, while working on algorithmic development, also have state-of-the art experimental facilities to support the theoretical research. Apart from research based degree programs such as Ph.D,direct Ph.D and MSc(Engg), the department offers ME programs in Telecommunication Engineering, Microelectronic Systems (jointly with CEDT) and Signal Processing Thus, in addition to research activities, the Department adds to the quality of education by teaching several subjects covering fundamentals and advanced topics in the fields mentioned above.

The department faculty have several patents, publications and sponsored industry projects to their credit. Over the years, the graduating students have gone on to occupy key positions in education, science, industry and government administration in India and abroad. Over a span of sixty-seven years, the department has been successful in attracting some of the best minds in the country, both in the student and teaching community

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