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15 Feb 2019

Five days training session by FICE team

Resource team :India Smart City Micro Accelerator Program -UC Berkeley

Organized by: Institute Industry Collaboration Cell

Date : 11th to 15th Feb, 2019

Time : 09:30 AM

Venue: Seminar Hall 3

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The 5 days training session “India Smart City Micro Accelerator Program-UC Berkeley” is being held from 11/0202019 to 15/02/2019. The selected students from the Department of Electronics and Communication , Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering attended this training session. The inauguration was held on first day 11/02/2019. A four member team from FICE is conducting the training for the students. 1. Mr.Jonathan Rajiv, Program Manager ,FICE 2.Ms.Manjit,National Manager Technical ,FICE 3.Mr.Arjav, Assistant Technical Manager , FICE 4.MsRachel, Business Development Executive at FICE

Day 1: started with problem statement and Case studies on Agriculture , Automobile , Retail , Healthcare , Education etc. The team formation based on their interest areas. Continued with ideation ended with brainstorming , idea selection and idea description and ended with defined problem statement buddy teams and discussion.

Day 2: Started with recap of previous day activities , discussed about business model canvas, asked the students to prepare questions about their idea.

Day 3: started with sessions on customer development , Customer interview skills and refining customer interview questions and students interviewing 10 customers. Students shared their customer interview responses.

Day 4: Refining customer interviews interviewing 20 people each.

Day 5 : Each team were made to present their business canvas model topic and Mr.Harish ,Assistant Professor ,Electronics and Communication , Mr.Vinoth ,Assistant Professor ,Computer science, Mrs.Nanditha Krishna , Assistant Professor , Biomedical Engineering, Mr.Naveen T.S. Assistant Professor , Biomedical Engineering were present along with FICE team during the students presentation.

Attendance is of consistent from 11/0202019 to 15/02/2019 till the end of the program. Students actively took part in all the sessions and also showed keen interest in the program.

By and large students are very much impressed by five days training program. The feedback collected from the students shows this very well. They expect their expectation far off campus training in this regard.