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16 Jan 2017

Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship Development

Date : 16th Jan 2017 to 30th Jan 2017

Venue : ACS College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Sponsored by : NSTEDB & Department of Science and Technology Government of India

Name of the Coordinator : Mr. Sunil Raj B. A

No. of candidate completed the programme successfully : 20 (Male: 14 , Female: 06 )

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THE Programme OUTCOME:

Participants were asked to mention enterprise enabling skills that have improved as a result of the programme, and the following are a few answers:

  • Organizational skills
  • Identifying a new scope of business and ideal way of taking it forward
  • Got to learn about managing money and people
  • Market Analysis (market study)
  • Financial decision taking
  • Importance of sustainability of an enterprise in long run
  • Financial projection
  • Teaching methodology
  • Importance of right communication
  • COGS, Revenue
  • Business plan modeling and presentation
  • Dealing with situations and role of motivation in hard time of an enterprise