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4 Mar 2016

Cloud Technology

Name of the Event: CLOUD TECHNOLOGY

Organized by: CSE Department


Date: 04/3/2016 10:00 am

Venue : ACSCE Seminar Hall

About Guest Lecture:

Practical approach with theoretical knowledge is the necessity to learn any field. Guest lecturers enable the students in enriching the latest updates regarding avenues for higher studies and jobs as well as the need of the industry. While handling the real modern life challenges one must need the best academician with leadership quality and knowledge about soft skills. We invite the eminent personalities of various fields and stalwarts of the industry to lend valuable information from their first hand experience which is serve as an ideal platform for the students.

About the Programme:

The main idea behind cloud computing is essentially the interconnectivity of a great number of devices through a securely accessed network. This enables rapid communication across the globe at unprecedented levels of security.Connecting wirelessly to the cloud through mobiles, tablets and other devices mean access to any stored data is no longer confined to a single desktop. Businesses are now able to stay online all the time.In this way, important files and other documents are accessible anywhere remotely, and with an inherent level of security.One of the many benefits of the cloud is that loss of data should never be an issue. Your important documents are stored remotely in a secure data centre where regular backups are made. The cloud is inherently less prone to disaster than local storage.

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