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26 Sep 2018

Technical Seminar – Climate Change & Water: Vulnerability & Adaptation

Resource Person : DR.Ramaraju, PHE- Sectretary, HOD/Civil DSCE, Bangalore

Date : 26th September 2018

Time : 11:00 AM

Venue : Seminar Hall 2

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About the Programme:

The technical seminar was on the topic “Climate Change & Water:

Vulnerability & Adaptation”. A clear understanding was made on the concepts of climate and meterological changes that affects the environment to a greater extent. The main reasons for the climate change are as follows

  • Deforestation
  • Exhaustion of fossil fuels
  • Industrial pollution
  • Increase in water usage
  • Over dependence on electricity

A detailed discussion was made on the above said factors which has a prominent impact on the climatological changes. The key climate risks for coastal Areas are

  • Weather parameters: Monsoon vagaries – frequent monsoon failure, uneven spatio-temporal distribution of rainfall, Increasing temperature.
  • Water Quantum : Shrinkage of water bodies, Surface & Ground water depletion, Quality : Intrusion of sea water & secondary Salinization
  • Food security due to fall in agricultural production Unseasonal Rainfall ,Frequent droughts / Floods & Increase in salinity of irrigation water & land
  • Coastal ecosystem Flooding and Cyclones, Sea level rise, Land use changes & Heavy urbanization along the coastal region.

The key points which were discussed and concluded are as follows

  • Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Water Management
  • Need to strengthen research on regional adaptation
  • Improve access to best available information on possible impacts o climate change
  • Adequate fund allocation to improve local capacities on adaptation
  • Take into account of needs and specificities of the region for developing adaptation
  • More awareness campaigns
  • Participation of people in economizing water & Electricity usage
  • Encouraging reuse of water